Handyman Services

At Handyman Of Austin, our technicians specialize in each of the services we provide, so you always know you have the right handyman for the job!

General Handyman Services and Home Repairs

Image of the General Handyman and Home Repair Services Provided by Handyman Of Austin Services In Central Texas.

These services pertain to a variety of small odd jobs around your home. They can vary from replacing a faucet, or repairing a door to installing new baseboards or tile floors.

Home Remodeling

Home Remodeling and House Remodeling Services Provided by Handyman Of Austin

Our Home Remodeling and Home Improvement Services include Garage Build Outs, House Add-Ons, Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remdeling, and much more.


Plumbing services are also provided by Handyman Of Austin

Plumbing services provided by Handyman Of Austin includes but is no way limited to installing bathroom fixtures, repairs, and new installations or replacements.

Interior and Exterior House Painting

Our Handyman Services include Painting Services for your home. We can paint the interior and exterior of your homes, provide advice on paint choices, and obtain the paint needed for your home.

Electrical Services

Electrical Services for your home provided by Handyman Of Austin

Electrical Services from Handyman Of Austin include the installation of electrical fixtures, light installations, switch installations, electrical outlets and more.

Construction Services

Construction Services provided by Handyman Of Austin

The Construction Services provided by our Handyman Services are all well guided by our expert contractors and years of experience. Read more about our construction services here.


Installation Services provided by our handyman include carpentry and cabinetry installations, counter top installations, installation of bathroom and kitchen fixtures, as well as light fixtures and more.

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